Products for data management

Gamma Intelligence products set helps to collect the data and optimizes every step of data management: from automated crawlers and social network parsers to fast algorithms allowing to handle, store and extract the facts from anywhere.

Data collection

Web Crawler

Smart web cralwer allowing to fast collect huge amount of data for further analysis. Due to parallelization Web Crawler has a minimal impact for crawling source with maximum collection speed.
Key features:
  • Contains a set of already configured crawlers for registers and social networks
  • Smart algorithms for getting relevant data from most popular social networks (Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Captcha recognition
  • Session and login support
  • Advanced data processing, data conversion and storage
    • Raw html data storage with further serialization
    • Files download with PDF, pictures and many other formats supporting


Product was created for building highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Key features:
  • Analyses existing customers profiles to get the most important criterias (e.g. gender, age, nationality, location)
  • Augments the existing data with contact details, social network profiles and many other properties.
  • Creates most effective set of marketing actions.
  • Automates marketing activities.


Legal compliance

Allows to track in real-time legal compliance level for any object. As the object could be person, company, oranisation as well as car or some real estate. System is highly scalable and able to handle very big datasets of objects.
Key features:
  • Tracking business representatives
  • Public procurements tracking
  • Real estate owning
  • Court decisions tracking

DaaS (Data as a service)

Data augmention

We help you to create an extremely effective marketing campaigns by augumenting your data by our datasets. Please contact our sales team for more details.
Key features:
  • Personal datasets with more than 150 criterias (ask for detailed documentation)
  • Business datasets with more than 50 criterias (ask for detailed documentation)
  • 10+ m records
  • 26 countries supported
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